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Who killed over 200 civilians in Turkey ?
From June to November 2015, over 200 Kurdish and Turkish peaceful civilians have been killed and more than 1000 of innocent people wounded by suspected terror actions. But who was behind the those terror massacres ?

Who killed over 200 civilians in Turkey ?

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 2 Sep 2019 - Middle East Diplomatic - From June to November 2015, over 200 Kurdish and Turkish peaceful civilians have been killed and more than 1000 of innocent people wounded by suspected terror actions. But who was behind those terror massacres ?

Now, after 4 years, the former Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu “threatening” the islamist-nationalist AKP=MHP ally to open the black box of crime against humanity, if AKP-MHP will continue to call him as “traitor”.  

‘If the terror related cases are investigated, when we response terror against the terror, many people will not be able to go out to face the public” said Davutoglu.  

It’s not sure how Davutoglu is going to act honestly regarding those terror-crimes against civilians during June-November 2015. But we can check our memory and go back to 2015 when Erdogan declared officially that he will put an end to dialogue process with Kurds.

What happened during June-November 2015 ?

Just to mentions some of those main terror attacks against Kurdish sivilians and peaceful democrats in Turkey: Only between June 2015 to November 2015, during the 4 months over 200 Kurdish and Turkish civilians has been massacred in Kurdish region and in Turkish capital in Ankara and at least over 1000 people have been wounded. The well known Kurdish lawyer and the chairman of Diyarbakir Bar Association, Tahir Elçi was one of the victims.


Right before parliamentarian elections in 2015, when Turkish president Erdogan refused the draft “peace agreement” between Turkish state and Kurdish PKK, Turkey and Kurdistan region faced a serial heavy bomb attacks.

Just two days before 7 June 2015 parliamentarian elections, in 5th of June, 2 bombs targeted the Kurdish HDP elections rally in Kurdish capital city Diyarbakir where at least 5 Kurds lost their life and several hundreds have been wounded.

But right after elections, when AKP lost 9 % of its support (parliamentary majority) and HDP got 80 seats in Turkish parliament, Turkish president Erdogan and Turkish PM Davutoglu refused the election result and addressed for a new election in November 2015.

After the dismissed elections by Erdogan and Davutoglu, on 20 July 2015, outside the Amara Culture Centre in Kurdish town Suruc, which faces Kobani in Rojava, over 30 young people were killed and more than 100 were wounded. The terror attack aimed to kill several hundreds of university students and other peaceful activists who were planned to go to Kurdish town Kobani to help to rebuild the destroyed city after heavy war against ISIS terror gangs.

On 10 October 2015, two heavy bombs were detonated against a peace and democracy rally in Ankara which resulted a dead toll of over 100 people and several hundreds were wounded.

Finally, during this terror and chaotic time until 1st November 2015 elections, Davutoglu and AKP politicians was saying that they will got “more and more support after each bombs exploding”.  Result ? After those serial terror bombs attacks, Erdogan’s AKP and its appointed PM Davutoglu got 59 more seats than June elections while Kurdish HDP lost 11 out of its 80 seats because of mass arrests, heavy violence and terror against HDP supporters.

In reality, with all those terror attacks, both Erdogan and Davudoglu have killed the hope for peace and reconciliation between the Kurds and Turks. The peace negotiations between PKK and the Turkish state which started 2009 has failed once again. Turkish state policy toward the Kurdish question impacted the peace process dead since that. Turkey is in war against all Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan regions. Terror and occupation of Kurdish Efrin in Rojava, in cooperation with the bloody islamist terror gangs and occupation of Kurdish Region in KRG is a clear example.

Davutoglu is witness of what happened

Davidoglu who was appointed by Erdogan as PM from 2014-2016, is saying now to establish a new political party in Turkey, is in defend position before AKP-MHP allies accusing him to be “member of this or that terror organisations”.

As prime minister of AKP-government, together with Erdogan, Davidoglu was one of the head of the Turkish state from 2014-2016. Davutoglu is one of the highest witness of all those terror evidences of the most bloodiest history of Turkey.

Kurds and Turkey’s oppositions demanding that Davidoglu says openly what crime Turkish state did against its own citizens. They are also asking the case be investigated. But Erdogans islamist-nationalist AKP and its ultra nationalist ally MHP will block any such inquiry committee to be establish it in Turkish parliament since those two parties keeping the majority of seats.

Will Davutoglu open the black box ?

If we make a deep analyse of the reality of Turkish deep state and the personal character of Davutoglu and his missions during chaos and terror in 2015, right now there are not much hope that Davutoglu is going to talk openly and honestly, even in case, if any prosecutor will question him. But the mass reactions from Turkey’s oppositions and Kurds can force Davutoglu and Turkish state to open the black box of crimes against peaceful citizens. This initiatives should be supported by EU, UN and international democratic forces.


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